National COVID-19 Research

Health and Care Systems

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Frugal innovation responses to the COVID19 crisis

Review of frugal innovations that have emerged in response to COVID-19. 

Read publication here ¦ Contact: Matt Harris

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Rapid review on trends from London (and Scottish) trusts on whether non-COVID admissions have increased as the outbreak has developed

Report undertaken by Dr Theresa Redaniel, Dr Jelena Savović, Prof Bell & Prof Alex Bottle

Contact: Dr Theresa Redaniel for more information


Informatics and Digital Health 

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How we deliver the healthcare for the 1.5M people in the UK the government has classed as vulnerable

Connections as dots that connect

Working with NIHR to develop a standard data set for Covid-19 patients

Data sharing across BRC's, AHSC's, NHS Trusts nationally.

Contact: Céire Costelloe for more information

Maternity, Children and Young People

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Routine Routine vaccinations in pregnant women and children and COVID

Examine COVID impact on health service use. Data via: CPRD, WSIC, RCGP RSC

Contact: Sonia Saxena for more information

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European Partnership

Comparison of national COVID containment measures on children’s health.

Contact: Sonia Saxena for more information


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Review of the evidence for smoking and COVID outcomes

With interest from Cancer Research UK in the findings, we're looking at reviewing the outcomes of smoking for COVID-19 patients.

Contact: Sophie Coronini - Cronberg for more information


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Enhancement of the new COVID CHW workforce in the community

Based on Community Health Workers (CWH) research conducted in Brazil, discussing with Directors at Health Education England how to enhance the training of 500,000 volunteers to go beyond shopping to: active COVID19 casefinding, referrals to General Practice and Acute services, and to explore how this could be acredited.

Contact: Matt Harris for more information

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National CHW workforce for COVID19 response

Comment article reviewing evidence base for scaled CHW workforce in LMICs and potential application in the UK.

Contact: Matt Harris for more information

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Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education

Perspective article reviewing the impact of COVID-19 on higher education institutions and the opportunities to innovate post-grad clinical education and research.

Contact: Matt Harris for more information

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Risk Reduction Framework for NHS Staff at Risk of COVID-19 Infection